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Crazyheart Florence Paull

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by Sarah, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. DaisyJane

    DaisyJane I probably should be working.

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    Thanks for sharing your story. I knew you and CH had a special relationship.
  2. GeoFee

    GeoFee I am who I am becoming...

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    I have just noticed the passing of Crazyheart. Her posting was always supportive and encouraging. Her many Crazyheart icons seemed always to reflect the diversity of this cafe community. Many forms expressing our common heart. I will miss her presence and influence. Condolences to all who were loved by her and all who loved her.
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  3. Sarah

    Sarah Active Member

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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts. My family and I have been keeping up with the stories on here and it's amazing. The relationships build on wondercafe is truly amazing. Hearing different stories give us a glimpse of her wondercafe life and it's beautiful. Grandma chose to be cremated. As a family we decided for our final viewing to have her dressed in her wondercafe shirt wrapped in a beautiful rainbow scarf surrounded by pictures of her grand kids. You guys were with her. Tomorrow the obituary comes out and I will post it on here. Funeral will be Wednesday Jan 2. Thank you for the stories. It has really helped our family through this time. And the heart avatars is icing on the cake!
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  4. Carolla

    Carolla wondering & wandering

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    So sweet Sarah ... she would most certainly approve! Love to all.
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  5. BetteTheRed

    BetteTheRed Resident Heretic

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    ...I believe that this was a gift from Tabitha that I personally delivered. Sarah, we are blessed that you have chosen to share your grandma's last times with us. I think all of our hearts both grieve with yours, and celebrate the special gift that was our dear heart.
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  6. Kimmio

    Kimmio Well-Known Member

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    Crazyheart cared about everyone here, and it came through. Even when she was annoyed with some of us sometimes. ;) We loved her, too. She had a huge heart, a big personality, and a wonderful sense of humour.

    She gave me encouragement, told me I was a strong woman, when I was going through a bad injury, and with living arrangements during that time, and it helped keep me strong. She checked up on that thread or in one of the other conversations, when I hadn’t mentioned the injury in awhile, just to ask how I was doing. It meant a lot to me.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
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  7. blackbelt1961

    blackbelt1961 Well-Known Member

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    I just read this is this is heartbreaking she was one of the kindest woman here I never remember her saying bad word at all.

    It's strange this is the only form I have ever been on and though I have never met her in person I feel like I've lost someone

    My condolences to the family I know I will miss you
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  8. Tabitha

    Tabitha journeying

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    Oh my. The wondercafe T-shirt was a secret santa gift from me in the early days of wondercafe. It came on sale 1/2 price and I had it shipped to crazyheart. It took Pinga doing some sleuthing to figure out who it was from.
    And yes Bette the rainbow scarf you delivered as you headed home after escorting your son to the Gulf Islands was one I had made and it just seemed right to send it to crazyheart.

    Her departure from earth leaves a hole here, she will always have a special space in our hearts.
    As she has a special space in her family's hearts as well.
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  9. Naman

    Naman Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for your reports Sarah. Your grandmother helped make participating in WondeCafe and WonderCafe2 enjoyable and helpful to me.
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  10. Pinga

    Pinga Room for All

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    Crazyheart.'s last wondermail to me was about how to send a gift to Korea. She reached out, giving me information, and between the two of us, and her amazing Sarah, she figured it out.

    She had a big heart. When I might have given up on folks, dang, I had given up on folks, she was willing to give them another chance.
    She was sharp.

    She had her touch points, as do we all, but, she generally named them.

    I miss looking for new posts by her.
    one of the last ones that she created was the shower for our new home. She gave me batteries (every practical), and rum & coke (yup, she remembered) and knew how to throw a good party.

    I am thankful for those memories. Of a women who shared, but kept confidences. Who had a sense of justice. Who was friend to @Seeler and @PilgrimsProgress . Whose company was enjoyed by Revjohn and Chansen, and so many others.

    @Sarah , thanks for the update.
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  11. Sarah

    Sarah Active Member

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  12. BethAnne

    BethAnne Well-Known Member

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  13. Inukshuk

    Inukshuk Well-Known Member

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    I can recall the wit and humour used by Crazyheart when she offered up sage advice on working with children, in the United Church, as a "Staff Ass." - ociate. Also, she was so happy when her Crazyheart persona was used in a promotional video for the original Wondercafe.

    She was certainly a good and faithful servant to her family and the Wondercafe community.
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  14. Redbaron

    Redbaron Who, me?

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    Thank you, Sarah. Hope you don't mind, but I left a note for the memorial section.
  15. StevieG

    StevieG Member

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    I found that I could not help but log in and share my condolences with Sarah and those who remain on the cafe. Florence/Crazyheart/grandma never called my wife by anything BUT Rita Mae and I was ALWAYS Stevie G to her. We visited in 2012 on our way to Alberta. We got lost coming to visit and phoned, I can still hear her raucous laughter at us driving all the way across country and getting lost coming off the highway and finding her trailer in Regina. She loved up our little dog outside for as long as her lungs would allow and a good few minutes more, because that is how she was. She made us tea and we visited and laughed while Morley watched TV in the other room. Then, she saw fit to gift me with a walking stick and a stole. I knew what they meant to her and how she kept such things, I cried then and I tear up now putting it in words. They moved with me from northern Ontario to southern Ontario. The cane hung on my office wall and then it moved back home. They even moved with me two years ago to our new home in Nova Scotia. They are as treasured as she was. I was blessed to know her. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing her with us.
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  16. Hilary

    Hilary Member at Large

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    Thank you for sharing your grief with us, Sarah. And thanks to all the members who have posted their memories of CH which turned my sad tears into happy tears. I’m happy to shed some of each for our friend.
  17. Jae

    Jae Well-Known Member

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    Crazyheart included me in this year's Secret Santa, where others might not have. With the help of you and Sarah she figured out how to actually send my present to Suwon. She included in the present both a wonderful, grace-filled note to me, and a thoughtful gift for Yobo. Props to crazyheart.
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  18. Pavlos Maros

    Pavlos Maros Well-Known Member

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    Sarah this is a verse I wrote. for the recent lose of a loved one. So I do know how you must feel. I hope you like it.

    Don't be sad.

    Please do not weep for we must depart.
    I'll always be there, there in your heart.
    A little tiny piece, a tiny little part.
    Of the friendship and love we did impart.
    When you're sitting silent.
    I'll suddenly be there.
    Right beside you in that chair.
    Bringing you thoughts and memories of times gone by.
    Where we did laugh and we did cry.
    Please remember me with happiness.
    And please do not distress.
    For I've not gone I'm just unseen.
    And your sadness will only demean.
    The memory of all we've had.
    So please please don't be sad.

    My sincerest condolences.
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  19. Pinga

    Pinga Room for All

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    @Seeler wrote in another thread:

    She was the heart of our community. Sometimes, when our enthusiasm seemed to be waning, she would open new threads in social and gives us laughing, or ask questions in the more serious threads to trigger discussion. She seemed to remember everything that everybody believed or held dear – she noticed and contacted me if I was missing for very long, or if I seem depressed. She supported me when I felt attacked by another member. And she would draw my attention to a member she felt might need support.

    I don't think that I pasted this here yet. If I did, let me know and I will remove the double post.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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  20. Birthstone

    Birthstone Member

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    I'm so sad to hear this. Crazyheart was a good friend when I needed one, with wisdom and that twinkle of laughter at the same time. When we all started here on Wondercafe, I was new in a difficult job at a church and doing my best to learn at the same time as staying safe and sane. Crazyheart always had an idea or new understanding to boost me up. She truly helped me find a forward path that was lit with confidence at the same time, giggling and seeing the Crazy-ness of it all. I remember feeling relief every time she had posted with a crazy-hearted comment. My enduring sense of her was that she understood life deeply, and therefore understood that laughing humbly and building others up was at the core of life. She remained close to my heart even when life has steered me away from the Cafe regularly.

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