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Crazyheart Florence Paull

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by Sarah, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. ChemGal

    ChemGal One with keen eye

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    Sarah so sorry to hear this hugs to you and your family. You are all welcome here whenever you wish to stop in.

    Crazyheart was a very special person and will be greatly missed.
  2. Greywolf336

    Greywolf336 Well-Known Member

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    A sad day for our community and your family Sarah. Thoughts and prayers to all of us who will miss CH here and for your family who will miss her even more.
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  3. PilgrimsProgress

    PilgrimsProgress Well-Known Member

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    Oh Sarah, when your inbox message came I tried to contact you - but with the huge time difference it wasn't possible....

    But somehow I just knew that my feisty online soul-mate, Crazyheart, had died.

    Firstly, my sincere heartfelt condolences to you and all of Crazyheart's family and friends.

    I never met Florence, but we both learnt that, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you could have a close relationship with someone you never actually met in "real" life.

    You may be interested in how our relationship began......
    I joined the original Wondercafe after my husband died. I was in that in-between stage of grief when I wasn't up to socialising but knew I had to get out of the house and resume life. Wondercafe was a good solution.
    After being a contributor for a while, Wondercafe decided to have a picnic at Five Oaks, south of Toronto, so that some of us could meet in "real" life. With much trepidation, I decided to fly to Canada from Australia and attend.

    Without my husband, and in a "different" country on my own, the first few days didn't go well.
    When I got to the hotel in Toronto I tried to go in the revolving door the wrong way, then I couldn't get into my room (I was used to being given a key -not a card thingie.) I decided to make myself a cup of coffee, but instead of a jug - like we had in Oz, there was this weird coffee maker that I couldn't figure out.....
    Exhausted, I decided I'd have a shower and then go to bed. Even the shower was different - I couldn't get the bloody thing to work! I vividly remember lying naked on the bathroom tiles sobbing, when the phone rang.
    It was your grandma. The conversation went something like this.....
    "Welcome to Canada".
    Me (sobbing) "Nothing is the same. I hate this bloody country - I want to go home."

    Your grandma had this great gift of sizing up a situation.

    "Oh honey, you're just tired. Try and get some sleep and I'll ring you in the morning and we'll go over your problems one by one."

    Suddenly, I didn't feel alone in a strange country - I had your grandma to share the journey with me.
    (When your Violet was little, she probably had a teddy bear - a transitional object to help her overcome her fears. Well, Florence was my transitional object in overcoming my fears in Canada.)

    I made several trips to Canada and saw all the tourist sites - but tours to Saskatchewan were never listed in the tourist brochures, so sadly, we didn't meet. But, when I was in Banff, she rang me and told me how she and Morley had their honeymoon there.

    As well as communicating on Wondercafe, whenever I went to Canada I would give her a list of the hotels and phone numbers and she would ring me. It was so thoughtful of her, because although in time I got to love travelling on my own, it was great to, at the end of the day, have someone to share my experiences with.
    After Morley went into care I was able to arrange cheap phone calls to Florence from here in Oz and rang her regularly at her home.

    Aussies are both open and direct - I think living in a "wide brown land" affects us. Florence always seemed familiar to me - perhaps growing up in the prairies has similarities to life here in Oz?

    I have a shy hope in an afterlife. May Florence met up with her Morley, and , of course, with the roofer.

    I apologise for writing so soon of my memories, but I'm feeling emotional. Also, later today I'll be catching a train to Wollongong to spend a few days with my step-daughters and grandkids and won't be online.

    One again, condolences to all who knew and loved Florence and thank you, Sarah, for appreciating how much Crazyheart meant to us here at Wondercafe2 and keeping us informed at a very difficult time for you.
  4. KayTheCurler

    KayTheCurler Well-Known Member

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    Oh Sarah, what sad news you had to share and how beautifully you rose to the challenge. So many people - family, friends, neighbours, fellow WC2 patrons will all miss her dreadfully. The biggest loss will be to the family of course, and yet, to them, comes the ongoing discovery of her continued life in the thoughts and mannerisms of the generations who follow her. I can only offer my most sincere sympathy and gentle cyberhugs.
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  5. Seeler

    Seeler Well-Known Member

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    Tears and sobs – I can't stop crying as I go into the other room to tell Seelerman. My friend, my soulmate, my cyber friend was as dear to me as any real-life friend. How I miss her.
    We had so much in common. We shared so much and in many ways thought alike. Somebody would post something and while I was forming a reply in my head crazy heart would be posting the exact reply I wanted to make. Two people half a continent apart and on the same wavelength.
    If I was feeling down or discouraged, or if I disappeared for a short while, she would send me a private message or telephone call to inquire about me and offered her support. I am so glad that I had no opportunity to meet her in real life on my second trip out West.
    Words fail me. My heart breaks.
    My condolences Sarah. Thanks for letting us know about Crazyheart. Thanks for being such a thoughtful granddaughter to her. She was proud of you.
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  6. GO3838

    GO3838 Active Member

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    As many have said above, I also appreciated Crazyheart's voice on both WC and WC2.

    The first wondermail I ever got was from Crazyheart.

    I always admired the huge number of heart avatars that she managed to find. She changed her avatar usually
    once a week, and it was always a heart.

    I'll miss her wisdom.

    My condolences to you and your family.
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  7. Northwind

    Northwind Still knitting. Singing when I can.

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    @PilgrimsProgress thanks so much for sharing about your relationship with CH. I will miss your battle over the roofer. :(
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  8. Mendalla

    Mendalla A Node in the Interdependent Web

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    So, I suspect, will the roofer. ;)
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  9. BusyMom

    BusyMom Active Member

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    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for letting us know. My sympathies to you and your family. Crazy Heart made such a positive difference to those of us here on wondercafe/wondercafe2, I can only imagine how awesome she must have been to you and your family. She had a crazy big heart, and crazy big humour. I can't see an advertisement for "roofers" without smiling & thinking of your granny! She had a wicked sense of humour. We loved her so much. But as Rev John said above, our loss will not compare with the loss to your family. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we will always be happy to see you in this space. We are here for you. xo
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  10. Kimmio

    Kimmio Well-Known Member

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    This is very sad news. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sarah. Thank you for telling us. It must've been a difficult post to write. Crazyheart's passing is a loss for all of us.
  11. BetteTheRed

    BetteTheRed Resident Heretic

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    I let my son know about Crazyheart's passing today. He was very saddened; in only a couple of hours, she conveyed to him the great spirit she was. He had been looking forward to stopping in on her on his next trip across the country.
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  12. Mrs.Anteater

    Mrs.Anteater no anteater, but German wild boar

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    I am so sorry to hear this news. My condolences to you and your family, Sarah.
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  13. myst

    myst Member

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    I am so sorry to read this sad news. I have not been on wondercafe 2 for some time, but kept up with Florence on Facebook. I have such fond memories of connecting with crazyheart on wondercafe and through messaging. Condolences to you and your family, Sarah. Florence will be missed by so many.
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  14. You just never know

    You just never know Blip, blip, blip....

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    Sad news indeed Sarah. Crazyheart will be missed by all the folks whose lives she touched. My condolences to you and all your family at this time.
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  15. Northwind

    Northwind Still knitting. Singing when I can.

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    I was looking forward to stopping in on my way through this spring as well. :(
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  16. Alex

    Alex Teddy Bear lookin for lovin and hugin

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    This is such sad news. My ❤️ is broken. Crazyheart was one of the friendliest members on Wondercafe. I haven’t been around WC2 but I knew her and I knew her her heart. She was a very kind and gentle women.
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  17. Pinga

    Pinga Room for All

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    I have been out of sorts all day. I am thankful for the memories of Crazyheart. I think of her family.
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  18. Greywolf336

    Greywolf336 Well-Known Member

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    For those who might not wander there, @Kimmio had the wonderful idea of changing our avatars to a heart to honour Crazyheart.
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  19. Ritafee

    Ritafee Keep Your Heart In Wonder

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    Wonderful Indeed!
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  20. LBmuskoka

    LBmuskoka New Member

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    Such sad news. Florence was always the heartbeat of Wondercafe. Funny, compassionate and just a little naughty. She will remain in our hearts.

    A quote for the Cafe’s original angel
    “I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise
    Of ordinary people leading ordinary lives
    Filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice
    Heaven's in our hearts”
    Tracy Chapman
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