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Todayz Meditation: Examining the Unthinkable

Discussion in 'The Earth and Our World' started by Inannawhimsey, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Inannawhimsey

    Inannawhimsey M&M, Cascadian Lovers

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    On May 23, 2009, Amanda Sott-Smith took her 7-year-old daughter, Trinity, and her 4-year-old son, Eldon, to the Sellwood Bridge in Portland, OR and threw them.

    Nancy Rommelmann wanted to find out why?

    An interview between her and Thaddeus Russell
    Runtime 1:59:55

    Nancy Rommelmann's book on the subject is To the Bridge; a True Story of Motherhood and Murder
  2. Luce NDs

    Luce NDs Well-Known Member

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    Bridges across vast open spots can mean trouble ... don't go there ... recall what went on under the bridge down in Georgia ...

    Only God can make spatial things that mean ... nothing ... an adolescent fascination that is unspoken until getting to a definite age ...

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