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Moderator job description and disability

Discussion in 'UCCan Talk' started by Mrs.Anteater, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Mrs.Anteater

    Mrs.Anteater no anteater, but German wild boar

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    Colin Phillips wrote the following about his perception of GC commisioners towards him.
    Hey, United Church — we could have talked about my disability
    He himself describes himself as “ non-verbal”. As you can read, the speaking is the problem, not the writing/ expressing himself.
    In your opinion, would a non- verbal moderator be an option?
  2. Inannawhimsey

    Inannawhimsey M&M, Cascadian Lovers

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    Nice writer
    Clear and efficient
    (Definitely not me lol)
    "Non-verbal" mods (who it seems have their own subculture?), thank to increases in tech, should definitely b a possibility.

    I fully xpect vegetative mods (who r even more disabled than Mr. Phillips) 2 b a possibility very soon

    The tent of UCC seems big, accepting of those who believe in white privilege, decolonization, and even merit

    When I used to do my speech maintenance, I found it difficult to do in the World, as the World is its own thing; people can speak very very fast and can not b actively listening or even have "time" for it

    I dunno if 1 person like Mr. Phillips bringing up his perceptions represents an actual true problem...there is more than 1 interpretation...

    Its almost like if one is that disabled, they have 2 become an advocate for themselves...similar I think 2 how people involved with medical (going 2 hospital, etc) should become advocates for.themselves when they are medically disabled (due to.them not being doctors, nurses, etc)

    Like Stephen Hawking. I've been 2 one of his talks. And the Q & A period took very long because he had to compose his own answers with his nonverbalness. The medium (his computer as well as hearing, neurology, the audiencez abilities, etc) constrains and creates the message

    Or something like that

    Kudoes to Mr. Phillips
  3. Northwind

    Northwind Still knitting. Singing when I can.

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    Colin Phillips' mother was one of my sister's best friends growing up.

    I like what he wrote. He's very articulate. He raises some good points about his disability. The UCCan is an organization where oration has been valued over its history. I wonder if it could accommodate someone who could not speak well, yet who was clearly very articulate. Perhaps he is the beginning of some change in that regard.
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  4. Luce NDs

    Luce NDs Well-Known Member

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    There are people that believe that either writing communication or oral communication is crazy ... thus a great dark void between the two ... and some people find the divide hard to close so pictograms mean anything understandable ...

    Development of an abstract scheme of connection is considered a conspiracy! It is just a fancy word for plot or plan ... but few like to plan and just do things off hand ...

    With some mental projections could one extrapolate such comings ... from seized intellects?
  5. Mrs.Anteater

    Mrs.Anteater no anteater, but German wild boar

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    As long as the opinion of a UCC moderator is asked for and he is a somewhat public speaker, I think that understandable spontaneous speaking is a requirement. If the UCC disappears into unimportentness, a moderator who is good at writing and a comment/ article once in a while but usually does not get asked to speak would be ok.
    I would think the same is true for someone with a strong accent. A public speaker needs to be understood by the majority of the people, someone who needs translation all of the time would not be a match for the job description.
    What surprises me ( or maybe not) that nobody dares to say that.
  6. mgagnonlv

    mgagnonlv Member

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    I really don't know the guy and as an Anglican, I won't tell the United Church how to run itself!

    That being said, I think one way to address "the elephant in the room" would have been to be practical information on how he would perform his ministry. The challenge is that the moderator serves both as a spiritual leader of all UC members and as an immediate "chairman of the board" to a bunch of office workers and church officials... and that it's a different set of people who vote for the Moderator. I feel that most of the people who have voting rights don't really know the tasks handled by the Moderator.

    Most of the questions would be the same for Colin Philips as they would be for any other candidate. But a few of these questions would require special attention:
    • Running the "Church Board" (the equivalent of our General Synod): administrative skills, vision, personnel management, etc.
      Speaking from experience, having a vision and prayerfully developing it with a group of people is a really important skill.
    • Relationship with the Church at large: United Church parishes especially
    • Relationship with Canada and its citizens (i.e. beyond the Church)
    The more specific questions he might have addressed are all along the line of "How he would lead a discussion, present an argument, etc.", or "How he would be present in the Church during his mandate". I'm not saying it would have been impossible, but rather that we (i.e. speaking, 2-legged standing people) would like to know how he could do that or maybe how he had done so previously. I am sure that he could have highlighted examples from his life so far so show how he succeeds to do so.
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  7. Pinga

    Pinga Room for All

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    Ok, I am curious.

    Is it reasonable to expect the person who knows that there will be those who have doubts, to give a FAQ or "ask me anything" type questions for those people.
    If you are non-verbal, and you apply for a job that has a lot of verbal, then...I wonder what does it say of your communication style if you don't suggest how you feel you would meet the requirements of the job.

    If I am offering software, and I know the customer is not thinking that the stuff will work, then...the onus is on me to shift their perceptions, and see the softwares characteristics as positive.
    If I am being not thought of in a relationship, then, it is on me, to drive the positive in the relationship, making suggestions.

    I don't get the action of waiting until after you weren't selected to say "hey, you should have asked me this item"

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