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Happenings Around Alberta

Discussion in 'The Earth and Our World' started by Inannawhimsey, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Inannawhimsey

    Inannawhimsey M&M, Cascadian Lovers

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    Fellow convivial sentients,

    I proffer this thread as a place for y'all to place any news, happenings, sightings, and such that involve Alberta.
  2. BetteTheRed

    BetteTheRed Resident Heretic

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    Bethanne's following Stampede events over on the Last Post thread.
  3. Northwind

    Northwind Still knitting. Singing when I can.

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    I'm sure there's more than just the Stampede happening in Alberta right now. Let me think. I believe I heard that two UCP members were elected in by-elections yesterday. That is Jason Kenny's party. He is predicted to be the next premiere of Alberta. Pray for the province.

    Sadly, a little 2 year old boy disappeared by a river last Friday near Grande Prairie. They found his body 200+ kms away in Peace River. He had floated from the Wapiti to the Smoky River to the Peace River. It was a sad but expected end of a search for the little guy. Sounds like his parents took their eyes off him for a second and he was gone. So tragic.
  4. Carolla

    Carolla wondering & wandering

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    There are some pretty nasty weather alerts for today!!

    And my friend & her Cross Canada cycling group have arrived in Alberta - that should be making the news!! I think they were in Canmore last night & heading to Calgary today - day off on Sunday to take in some of the Stampede activities.
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  5. JRT

    JRT Me on the left.

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    I was in Alberta for a family reunion just last week in the Wainwright area. Beautiful country there.
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