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So this came up on CBC London today:

Thing is, I have known Mark Konrad and his wife for over a decade. They're UUs and we were all active in the local fellowship at roughly the same time. And, yes, he sometimes brought his flags in for the children's story (Moment of Wonder as we called it). Mostly, though, he talked about his human rights advocacy work.

Any cool people you know?

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Yes, but several authorities told me that I couldn't possibly have encountered those personalities ... so I must curtail mentioning these folk ... allowing generation of the forgotten ... as the authorities would prefer!

I've been told to forget so many things ...

It does go against Erasmus presentations however ... raising curiosities about the nature of stoic things ... that's far shore!
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I know several cool people. Not necessarily famous. I knew one semi famous person - was in a band - in Vancouver. We met because my good friend - we drank saki (me for the first time) and crashed at his house on my 25th birthday after being at a club. I had no idea he was a “rockstar” at first until she told me. I wondered how she knew this dude who looked like a slightly wilder version of Tom Petty...nothing uncool happened, he was a really nice guy, but we all had too much to drink and crashed there...she ended up being maid of honour/ best “man” at he and his wife’s wedding. My other friend who used to be my roommate years ago got to know them through this friend too, so he actually came to a couple of our summer parties at our very modest apartment that had a communal rooftop patio. He was a drummer in a band that was fairly well known in the 90s and they had a platinum record, which I saw on his wall. He lived in a nice, yet pretty regular condo in our neighbourhood, actually. And he stayed in the neighbourhood after he got married and had a family. One day I was out walking downtown with a friend I knew since high school, who was a big rock star groupie, and we saw this drummer...i’ll call him Joe...who came up and said “Hey Kimmio! How are you?...How are Julie and Tina?” and gave me a hug. The person who i was with almost fell over backwards. Lol. He was like, “OMG, you know Joe Drummer?!” I knew him well enough to have friendly chats on the street anyway. I saw him with his wife him when my parents came to visit once - they may as well have been Shania Twain out with Stephen Tyler, the way they were dressed - my step mom was giving them the side eye subtlety. Then I told them who Joe was after and their attitude changed. They too were like “How tf do they know Kimmio?” Lol. I’ve lived part of my life as a fly on the wall. I could write a novel.

The coolest people I know are unsung heroes, people who do charity work, people who’ve had really interesting and often difficult life experiences they’ve overcome, people who are free spirited. I like to live vicariously through them when I can. Lol.
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