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WonderCafe2 is a home for open-minded discussion and exploration of spiritual topics, moral issues and life's big questions. It is designed to reflect key qualities and values of the original site Wondercafe (www.wondercafe.ca)

  1. Pinga
    Created by Pinga in category Reminders
    Oct 30, 2017
    It's that time of year again - time for Secret Santas! Here's how it works: you send, via private message me your name and your address and I will randomly select someone to send you a gift and someone else for you to send something to. In that private message, I also recommend sending in some ideas of things that you are interested in (hobbies, sports teams, etc.). It's not about spending a lot of money. Let's limit the price of the gift to $20 (not including postage).

    If you have any...