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WonderCafe2 is a home for open-minded discussion and exploration of spiritual topics, moral issues and life's big questions. It is designed to reflect key qualities and values of the original site Wondercafe (www.wondercafe.ca)

  1. Mendalla
    Created by Mendalla in category Promoted Threads
    Mar 25, 2017 at 9:10 AM
    In a now famous commencement speech at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the author Neil Gaiman (yes, him again) ended with the following advice to the grads:

    So this is the thread where the denizens of Wondercafe2 are invited to show how they are taking Neil's advice. Post your original stories, poems, pictures of your visual art works, or whatever else you consider to be your "art".

    A few guidelines/rules:

    - Must be ORIGINAL works by YOU. If you want a thread...
  2. Kimmio
    Created by Kimmio in category Promoted Threads
    Nov 9, 2016
    Your turn:

    It was a dark and stormy night...
  3. unsafe
    Created by unsafe in category Promoted Threads
    Feb 8, 2017
    What is the difference between Miracles and Blessings in your view ?

    And is one more important than the other --?

    In your opinion does the Church dwell more on the Miracles than the Blessings of God -----
  4. Mrs.Anteater
    Created by Mrs.Anteater in category Promoted Threads
    Jan 4, 2017
    So Everyone can get in free this year into National Parks and historic sites. Are you planning some extra trips? Any recommendations? I am hoping to take some long weekends to explore within the Maritimes.
    I'd love to go further, but my budget won't allow it.