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Who we are

Mission Statement

WonderCafe2 is a home for open-minded discussion and exploration of spiritual topics, moral issues and life's big questions. It is designed to reflect key qualities and values of the original site Wondercafe (www.wondercafe.ca)

Who we are

WonderCafe2 is an independent community that formed out of the active participants of the United Church of Canada’s Wondercafe forum (www.wondercafe.ca).

Wondercafe was a daring effort by The United Church of Canada to reach out to Canadians who may not attend church and give them a way of discussing faith issues in new and exciting ways. WonderCafe wasn't selling the denomination. It was creating a new forum for Canadians to talk about spirituality and faith. Active participants came from a variety of backgrounds and faith communities beyond the United Church. There was an international component as participants joined in from Australia and the United States.

While many of the Wondercafe2 community come from “organized religion,” it’s not our intention to “recruit” you. We want to build a relationship with you on your terms and there is no pressure to walk through any organization’s doors. We are offering you a place to explore your faith, God, and life issues.

This place should be relevant to you, a place to call your own. It is a place where you can freely express yourself and explore the ideas that excite you and the concerns that weigh upon you. You will find that it also reflects key qualities and values including open-mindedness, respect, and freedom of expression.

Through our online community, we welcome anyone to join us at the table.

The Community

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