Bible Study Thread: Luke

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It's time to continue our study of the gospels and move on to Luke.

Many thanks to everyone who joined the discussion on the Matthew and Mark threads. I enjoyed them very much and will use the same approach for Luke's gospel. I will post a chapter (or maybe part of a chapter) every day . . . a brief summary and a personal reflection.

My posts will generally be based on the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. I accept the liberal scholarship which identifies Mark as the first gospel to be written. I believe Matthew and Luke used Mark as a basis for their own gospels. I also accept the hypothesis of a second common source for Matthew and Luke.

The gospels I consider to be faith testimonies, open to a variety of interpretations. I view the bible as foundational to Christian faith.

I am interested in discussion about my summaries & reflections and you are also encouraged to comment on the biblical text itself. If you bring other scriptures into the conversation, please...

God Can't by Thomas Jay Oord - Introduction, Chapters 1-4

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Please find attached the introduction to this book (or chapter 0).

Thread rules are cc'd below:
  • This study is designed as a book study. Participants should have read the chapter. If the chapter dialogue creates thoughts for those who have not read the chapter, then, the recommendation is for that individual to start a separate thread. An example of that is the thread on the definition of "evil" made open to the full wondercafe2 community. At some point, the thread may be moved to the general population to allow for more free-roaming dialogue.
  • Posts must be able to be read by the leader.
  • Currently, I am thinking one chapter every two weeks. Will see how that goes for people and adjust accordingly.
  • All discussion must be directly relevant to the book. Tangents, as determined by the study leader, will be moved to their own thread.
  • Please do not "read ahead" or at least do not bring in topics from a future chapter until we are up to that chapter.
  • Citing...

New Zealand attacks

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First off, thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. And, more broadly, for the people of New Zealand of all religions and ideologies who are no doubt wrestling with what this means for their country and society. I have a friend on another site who lives in NZ and I'll reach out to her later.

I live in a city with a relatively large Islamic community who have built a complex with a beautiful mosque and Islamic private school, so this just makes me shudder. Our mosque has contributed heavily to our community and strives to be very open and welcoming. They are involved in the community just as churches are. The Imam speaks at community events. They have open houses and luncheons and other events which welcome the community into the mosque. Even the thought that some hate-filled piece(s) of crap would/could disrupt that horrifies me. And from what I'm reading, these mosques in...

Plastic-Less Lent

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Looking for something to work on for Lent? How about reducing your use of plastics? Birthstone told me about this cool group on facebook - here's an intro -

As she says - it's not 'plastic free' - just about using less in as many ways as you wish - every action helps. I know ... some will dispute this ... but I think it's important to take what steps we can for the sake of Creation. Plastic is so pervasive now.


Living in Canada as a foreigner

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My wife is from Québec, and some months ago we were discussing moving to Canada in a few years. In May, though, she's visited her family and decided she wanted to anticipate the moving. So we bought the tickets and moved to Lachute, Québec, on August 23.

Things didn't work as planned there and she couldn't secure the job offer she's had when she visited in May. A Brazilian childhood friend of mine invited us to know Winnipeg, where she's been living for 5 years, and we decided to stay here.

We completed 3 months here on November 23. Thus far, some good impressions:
1. Safety. This is the highest quality of this country. We feel very safe on the streets, even at night.
2. Affordability. Overall, everything is affordable - food, clothing, electronics, furniture. There are expensive things, but on average you can get good quality stuff for good prices.
3. Social democracy. It is not paradise as generally Canada is pictured, but it does have a more democratic society than Brazil...

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