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  1. Mendalla
    Created by Mendalla in category News
    Jan 30, 2019
    Xenforo 2.1.0 is now "gold" meaning the final release version is now out and we can start thinking about upgrading the live site. I need to do some work in our dev site, including installing the updated style to give it the WC2 "look and feel" and getting my testers to play around some more.

    Based on my availability and allowing some time for testing and tweaking, I think we will likely be able to upgrade on the Feb. 16-18 weekend, which is the Family Day holiday weekend in Ontario (and...
  2. Mendalla
    Created by Mendalla in category News
    Jan 27, 2019
    Right now, if you click the image button on the toolbar while editing a post, you only have the option to link to an image online. If you want to upload an image of your own, you have a more complicated process to follow.

    Xenforo 2.1 simplifies the process considerably. Now, when you click the image button, it defaults to a new uploader that is modelled on those used by cloud drives like Google Drive. You can either drag an image from another window on your computer to where it says "Drop...
  3. Sarah
    Created by Sarah in category Promoted Threads
    Dec 27, 2018
    This will forever be the toughest post I will have to write. I am very heartbroken to tell you guys that my beautiful granny Crazyheart... Florence passed away last night. She was trying her best to recover but I think her little body had just gone through too much. She was a fighter. She fought so hard this whole time. I'm proud of her. She is the heart of my family. The values and life lessons she taught us all will be with us forever. I'm going to miss her spunky...
  4. ChemGal
    Created by ChemGal in category News
    Jun 1, 2014
    You've made it here! Hopefully the basic features will come naturally to you, but if it doesn't we are here to help!

    The subforum topics can be viewed by clicking the forums button on the top page.
    Underneath that, you may find the New Posts to be useful. This will show all of the threads that have posts that you have not seen. If you click on a thread title from this list, it will jump to the first new post.

    To view a thread, click on forums at the top of the page. Click on the...