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  1. Seeler
    Created by Seeler in category Promoted Threads
    Nov 27, 2016
    Again this year I will be posting my Advent reflections each morning.
    I invite you to follow along, and feel free to comment or add your own reflection.
    For those not interested, just skip this thread but don't let it interfer with your enjoyment of WC2 (or its successor).

    In previous years I cut a bare bush from the roadside, or (with permission) a branch from my neighbout's dogwood shrub (nice red bark). This year Seelerman bought me an artificial 4 foot birch with lights. It sits on an...
  2. monk
    Created by monk in category Promoted Threads
    Nov 20, 2016
    • It has been said that learning a little philosophy leads you away from God ...

    Why do so many 'Atheists' posit that in order to believe in God, one must have lack of intelligence and/or reason?

    Has there ever been an Atheist prove that modern science has ruled out the possibility of the existence of God?

    Is the existence of a God outside of the physical universe a philosophical rather than a scientific question?

    I have often heard of 'Atheists' that try to...
  3. PilgrimsProgress
    Created by PilgrimsProgress in category Promoted Threads
    Nov 20, 2016
    I've been thinking about this Christian concept a lot lately. (might have something to do with all the hate speech in the recent USA election).

    At the Progressive Christian church I attended last Sunday the minister didn't muck around in the sermon. If we stood by passively when folks were being insulted we were part of the problem -and thus we should all get active politically, because Jesus himself was a subversive, and that's why he was crucified. (Were the thieves on the cross also...
  4. Mendalla
    Created by Mendalla in category Promoted Threads
    Nov 10, 2016
    @Pontifex Geronimo 13 just alluded to this in the unforgettable voices thread, but here's the news. In a year where we have already lost David Bowie and Prince, another legend of contemporary music has taken his leave of the world.


    I have been a fan of Leonard Cohen since my teens and it will take me a while to process this news and compose my thoughts. Like Bowie, he left us just after...
  5. ChemGal
    Created by ChemGal in category News
    Jun 1, 2014
    You've made it here! Hopefully the basic features will come naturally to you, but if it doesn't we are here to help!

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    To view a thread, click on forums at the top of the page. Click on the...